(draft) The Girl with the Brave Feather Tattoo

There’s a message a meaning here I can’t unravel – a life saved for a life lost?

How do I make this into a story?


  • A pt came into renal transplant clinic
  • Tattoo for her sister, lost in a car crash, plastered on her left flank
  • Something about feathers, something about brave – I can’t see it all, but it looks something like this – I don’t think she wants me to see
  • She’s here to donate her kidney as a living donor
  • For  a friend of hers – “we’re a 100% match”
  • The surgeon examines her belly to show her where they’d have to make the incisions to remove the left kidney
  • his fingers trace over the cherished ink
  • her concerned muffled grunt and her eyes tell me that this is important to her, even before she tells me why she got it
  • The doctor can’t dig into the death too much – really, his concern seems more automatic than organic – but he wants to preserve it as much as possible
  • I’ll try to cut the scar along the center of the feather to try to preserve it as much as possible


  • Transplant clinic is kind of dull, monotonous
  • The Q we ask, the Q we get asked blend together
  • the stories we hear are similar, they become one
  • this one stood out

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