Sorry vs. Not Sorry (part 1)

I am sorry I messed up your wound dressing, my patient.

I am NOT sorry I tried to give you the best care I thought I needed to.

I am sorry I wasn’t neat enough and that I didn’t take pride in my work – I let my fear of being found a coward override my gut.

I am NOT sorry – nope, I don’t have a reply to this.

I am sorry that I touched the gauze and bandages 45 hours too early, the surgeon.

I am NOT sorry that I was too thorough – I have a problem with not being thorough enough or dedicated enough, so the pendulum swung the other way here.

I am sorry at how I didn’t listen to my gut about not texting my senior when I didn’t know for sure what to do.

I am NOT I tried to be brave and independent – I need to be more of that.

I am NOT sorry I didn’t know the exact right way or answer.

I am sorry I didn’t ask.

Day 2 of Intern Year

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