Call Day 1: What in the Sam Hill?

Call days are hard. In a thousand different ways. You wait for that code or that tanking patient. And maybe you get one – my first one didn’t have one, thank the lord.

But it comes death by a thousand, never-ending papercuts. Pages, steps, calls, callbacks, missed, etc. And then you look up and forgot to do most of your work you started the day with.

Sigh. That was embarrassing. I left the night intern in a huge pickle. But we live and learn. I have to. If I can’t adapt, I can’t be a resident. If I can’t do my work, I can’t operate. If I can’t operate, I’m done. So here are my goals fr tomorrow:

  1. Chart check ALL OF MY pt
  2. Go through ALL of the to do lists with patients
  3. Use iPASS for signout for ALL of the pt
  4. Don’t apologize or say thank you to each other uselessly.

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