“God gave you 2 hands – use them both.”

A Maykelism. He reminds me so much of Kooby. It’s a good one though. It reminds of how focused we can get on solving the problem the way we know how that we forget how important the big picture is. Because if you’re suturing and you’re just focused on the needle drive and you’re just trying to hyperpronate to reach that weird angle, then you’re missing out on the other half of the problem. Or maybe more. You’re missing out on what your other hand with the adson can do – of how it can evert the skin and change your whole perspective and give you a new way to solve a problem. That is going to sound obvious to anyone who knows how to suture, but I still think it’s easy to forget. How we set up – how we prepare our field, our tissue, our perspective – is as important to how we drive the needle through. It’s the maykel-en-place of it all.

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