Comfortable for whom? What does it mean for the family gathered all around the room as they watch the patriarch snoring peacefully, knowing that this sleep might be the penultimate one. CMO is not for them. But how do you comfort them? Is it comfortable for them to wonder if every breathless apnea is the … Continue reading CMO


I'm a sucker for compliments, even if they are undeserved. You take out an NGT out of a patient - something an M1 could do - and you're a goddamn national treasure. You put in a tube to decompress a stomach or prevent aspiration - and you get a glaring wariness for days on days. … Continue reading Softie


I have ways to go in intern year - suturing, NGTs, antibiotics, etc - but I have started to slip into a rhythm in the day to day of intern life. Which is good. Comfort is good, or at least it feels good. But the steep learning curve of Vascular and Colorectal that forced me … Continue reading Plateau

NGT vol 2

And now I can't seem to miss. Two perfectly placed tubes. Smooth. Sailing. Right? Except when things go wrong, they don't always keep going wrong. And when things go right, they sometimes go left instead. It pays not to be too volatile. I was going to write about doing other people's job and finding empathy … Continue reading NGT vol 2