A Resolution of Art Instead of the Art of Resolutions

Instead of listing my New Year’s resolutions ( I haven’t made a list yet) like I might have in my past, I have decided to just talk about one that I want to start doing. Clearly, I want to get back to writing and creating in this forum but to just say so after a hiatus is cliched. Instead, I want to get back to drawing.

More than just the words that are thrown around, there are images that stick to in my mind from the past few months. Listening to my mentors opine. Getting chewed out by shameful silence at the signout table. Recurring mental visuals after making a mistake. Offering peace in the waiting room without fully knowing what that means.

I don’t have the words yet to fully describe how I felt then or how they color my mind now. I don’t necessarily have the artistry either – but there is something indelible about forcing myself to draw. The feeling will never go away – the memory, the impulse, the lessons will never go away – even if the words never quite get here at all.

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