Sometimes, It IS Delivery

When you teaching some one, it’s not just about being right or being clever or showing your rationale and showing off that you’re rational. It’s not just about the intention to teach or push or educate. It’s not just the time that you spend or the breath that you exhaust.

Sometimes, despite our thick and ever thickening skin, despite our dedication to grow, despite our own best intentions, the way that you teach or explain – the Delivery – becomes the stronger emotional valence. It become what I remember more. It overshadows the actual message.

I feel bad saying that – maybe cries of “back in my days” and “Soft millennials” are getting to me.” But at the very least, even if you don’t believe that there can be another way of teaching, you should know that when the actual lessons is lost and you become the lesson, you make it just that much harder for that person to ask for help. And then you’ve truly failed.

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