Hard Day’s Night #1

What a goddamn awful day. It wasn’t even the number of consults or the number of consults that came in all at once or the number of consults that came in all at once at 3pm.

Honestly things could have been much worse if my seniors didn’t step up to help me.

It was the feeling of losing control, just watching my time management and to do list slip away in between my fingers as consult after consult after emergency after nonsense after consult came in.

It wasn’t a disaster, but I need to do much better.

What Went Wrong?

  1. I “cried wolf” on my physical exam – that is not peritonitis – just very very tender.
  2. I lost control of time management and had to have my seniors help me out with staffing and calling – I can work on this by bunching my up my consults with attendings at earlier times.
  3. I need need NEED to work on my presentations – this is going to be the focus of this week – how to visualize, summarize, and deliver my patients and recommendations.
  4. My H&P were not focused enough on what’s important – think about the consult and what’s being asked

What I did well today;

  1. This will sound silly but I didn’t curl up and cry.
  2. I didn’t panic with ALI and order a heparin drip willy nilly
  3. I didn’t something stupid like she should go to the OR now

Baby steps, I suppose. When will I learn how to walk?

How will I ever be able to run?

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