Time Warp

My workout today was interrupted by a bulky brown guy quizzically smiling and approaching me. He looked familiar to me. And as it turned out I looked familiar to him. So much so that he asked “Hey any chance you’re Gazi?”

Normally, I am terrible with names and good with faces. I won’t remember what you’re called but I will always remember if I’ve met you before. So I am always impressed by people who can actually remember names.

But as it turns out, he remembered my name from 11 years ago, when he and I had attended the same “Applying to MD/PhD” conference at Baylor. 11 years. I can’t remember the name of the nurse I talked to 5 minutes ago. Just amazing. It truly made my night to talk to him and see how far we’d both come and just how much time had passed (ELEVEN YEARS).

It truly made my night to know that I mattered to people outside of my immediate circle. Not a lot. And not in significant amounts. Part of that is intentional. But just enough. And that was – that is – enough.

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