This week was better. And then it was terrible. And then it was ok. And then better. And worse. etc. Two steps forward, two steps back. For these last 5 days of vascular, let's aim for two steps forward and no steps back. Be consistently good. Consistently reliable. Consistently disciplined. I don't need to keep … Continue reading Consistency

Think About.

Stop. Pause. Whatever you're about to say isn't that important. It's likely not an emergency. You don't have to say it...yet. Breathe. Think. Ask yourself - is this something I can figure out or find out? Why is this important? Why am I / are we doing this thing? Breathe out. You can probably figure … Continue reading Think About.

Grateful #1

No time for a real thought here - just want to count my blessings. Chas - for covering for meDr. Faris from Anesthesia CC for saying hello to me randomly!My patients for making it easy to like themEmily Fan and Dr. Yoo for making it easier to like me Let's run it back.